This game is a match-three puzzle like 'Columns' or 'Hexa'.  

move: left/right arrow key

change: up arrow key 

drop: down arrow key

start: z key


--- 2019.05.05 updated ---

Item added

      erase all blocks such as the color of the block adjacent to four directions.

     erase the line.

Goal score adjusted

Block decent rate adjusted

Scoring adjusted 

Development log


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Music... it's killing me... But I still got a score of 1710 Xb

I wish the fish was slowly swimming into cat's mouth as you progress... :E

Thank you for your comment.

I`m trying applying your opinion :)

Love it :) Good Job!!

got a score of 1400 on first attempt hope thats ok? lol

want to see my game? its called 10 blocks 

im just looking for feedback :)

Thank you for playing my game.

I`ll play your game, too :)